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This course is designed for people who have no experience climbing waterfall ice and want to try something new and exciting. You will learn ice climbing in an approachable venue close to the town of Canmore, Alberta. Here you will learn how the equipment is used, how to walk in crampons, you will be instructed on how to swing an ice tool into the ice effectively and before you know it, you will be tied into a rope and belayed while you climb the ice!


This experience is appropriate for anyone who wants to try ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies who is visiting Banff National Park, Kananaskis or Lake Louise.


We tend to take to our folks to an  entry level ice climbing venue called the Junkyards just outside of the town of Canmore Alberta.


2 Days


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*Please add 5% sales tax to the above amounts. *Additional expenses such as food, gear rental, park fees, transportation or accommodation not included. 4:1 Student to ACMG Instructor Ratio

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This program is designed to get you started ice climbing if you are brand new or you already have some other mountain sports experience like rock climbing, scrambling or mountaineering. We feel privileged to be in the Canadian Rockies surrounded by the great Mountain Parks of Western Canada as well as the Kananaskis Provincial Park and home to the absolute finest selection of waterfall ice climbing routes in the world. Our goal is help show you how to take advantage of being in the centre of the universe for this incredible mountain sport.

The objective is to build a solid base of foundational skills. You will learn about ice climbing equipment and how to walk in crampons in completely flat terrain first off, and then we will gradually progress to steeper terrain where you will be taught more advanced techniques for steeper ice. Classical french technique, front pointing and how to optimize swinging your ice tools so that you are gaining confidence and moving with good technique and increased precision.

The goal is get you to move from beginner clumsiness to moving quietly and efficiently on varying grades of ice like a Ninja. You will gain confidence quickly as a result of the personalized coaching and expert instruction that Ice Climbing is way more fun that you might have even hoped.

Safety and risk management is Number 1 for us and you can expect that your guide is committed to your safety, well being and comfort no matter where we are climbing that day. Canadian Rockies Mountain Guides are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), is a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and is also a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides (IFMGA) which is the only recognized gold standard for mountain guiding worldwide.

We go to work each day trained to recognize problems before they arise and we are always equipped with first aid equipment, splints, tarps and VHF radios in the event of an emergency.

This program is designed for anyone with a reasonably decent level of fitness and can climb a big flight of stairs.

Gear is included in the cost.

Cost: $400 + GST

Ratios: 4:1 (Student:Instructor). We only do 4:1 for all our climbing programs which is optimizes your time, focused instruction on your needs and your safety.

We will meet at 0800 AM at your hotel or a coffee shop of our recommendation, work through waivers, do a quick gear check to make sure you have what you need and then we head out to go climbing.

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