Multi-Pitch Ice Climbing

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To take advantage of what the Rockies ice scene has to offer, learning how to climb multi-pitch ice routes are essential selection of skills that you need to have to do it right and do it safely. You will learn about what gear you need, leading strategies, belay stance selection, managing hazards including avalanche risk management strategies. We will also show you how to descend routes safely and efficiently.


This course is for competent ice climbers who want to make the transition to multi-pitch routes.


Canmore, Alberta based course but we travel to appropriate ice routes based on route, avalanche and weather conditions.


2  Days

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*Please add 5% sales tax to the above amounts. *Additional expenses such as food, gear rental, park fees, transportation or accommodation not included. 2:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

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Courses available all winter

Course Information

This program is for ice climbers with an experience level where they able to competently lead single Grade 3 or 4 ice routes minimum. You do not have to have necessarily climbed multi-pitch routes in the past to take this program.

You will learn:

– You will learn about ice climbing gear selection and how to rack that gear to capitalize on efficiency.
– Hazard awareness, recognition and how to manage those hazards on multi-pitch routes.
– Planning your ice objective by selecting the right route for your ability and skill level as well as route finding.
– Placing ice screws, finding good stances and strategizing your next moves.</li>
– Choosing appropriate belay stances, anchor construction and rope management.</li>
– Descent systems – getting back down safely by utilizing state of the art techniques using the gear you have to make V-Thread anchors to rappelling back to the ground with additional back-ups techniques for your anchor and for when you are rappelling.

This course is for those ice climbers out there who are ready to really serious about elevating their skills. CRMG Multi-Pitch Ice program will provide you with the confidence to get to a place where you truly can begin climbing waterfall ice with your partner armed with the know how to take your climbing adventures higher into the mountain with confidence and a larger margin of safety

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