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Climbing Courses


This program is designed for anyone who ever wanted to try rock climbing and discover why it is one the most popular new outdoor sports out there at the moment.

Climbing Courses

Learn to Lead Sport Climb

This program will provide you with the skill set required to learn how to lead on bolted sport routes or more popularly termed - 'sport climbing'. 

Introduction to rock climbing

Climbing Courses

Learn Trad Rock 101

This program is designed for people who are already lead climbing on sport routes and want to expand their skill sets to take on traditional single and multi-pitch routes.

Climbing Courses

Rock Rescue Skills

This is a course about Rope Rescue skills and is a 2 day course taught using standard ACMG improvised rope rescue techniques.

Unreal Experience with CanRock Mountain Guides, Paddy Jerome

I contacted Paddy at CRMG for a guided two day trad course and received quality instruction as possible for a safe and fun climbing experience.

spwdamb | 5 stars |

We hired Paddy for his avalanche and orientation knowledge. Paddy is safety focused and easy to hang with.

We appreciate the great job he does with all planning and logistic chores. We will continue to purchase his services for upcoming adventures!

Greg D | 5 stars |

You will never get a student to guide ratio as good as paddy provides!!!

Paddy is an amazing teaching. He is incredibly knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable trad climbing in just two days.

Jill W | 5 stars |

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