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Private Guiding

Hello and welcome to the CanRock Mountain Guides website.

We are a small, independent guiding service that specializes in custom built trips in the Canadian Rockies of Banff National Park, Kananaskis and Lake Louise as well as provide climbing, skiing and Avalanche Skills Training (Avalanche Canada AST courses).

We provide services for all mountain sports including rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering and winter mountain sports which includes ski touring & ice climbing.

What truly sets us apart from some of our larger competitors is that we are a small, independent operation where you will be dealing directly with your guide from the time you initially get in touch with us right through to the day we are climbing or travelling together.

We are not a guide booking agency or a mountain school where your guide may have varying levels of certification and/or experience. The guide you are hiring and paying for is a member in good standing of both the Association of Mountain Guides (ACMG), the International Federation of Mountain Guides (IFMGA) and a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association. (CAA),  We carry all required National Parks and Provincial guiding permits.

Our site is broken down into instructional programs and private guiding, if you interested in our courses page, click on this link:


Private Rock Guiding


Imagine yourself breaking through personal barriers, finding something inside yourself that you didn’t think you had to achieve something extraordinary.  Rock Climbing gives this to us and we would love to share this gift with you in the spectacular backdrop of  the Banff, Lake Louise or Kananaskis Country.

The Canadian Rockies has hundreds, if not thousands of rock climbs around the greater Bow Valley areas of Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. CRMG’s are longtime locals who know the best climbing routes and we are happy to share these incredible places with you.


Pricing for private rock climbing guide:


*$550 for one person and an additional $100 for the second person ($650 for 2 people)
*Maximum 1:2 guide/client ratio in technical rock terrain.

Send us an email for more information for private guided rock climbing trips.


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Private Mountain Guiding


If you have an alpine climbing objective we can facilitate your mountain goals. Whether you are dreaming of the pristine alpine granite of the Bugaboos in the Purcell mountain group or top  quality alpine quartzite of the Selkirk mountain group in the Roger’s Pass, we know all the classics and we can suggest which route would be suitable based on your goals and your past experience.


Pricing for private alpine guiding:


*$650 for one person and an additional $100 for the second person ($750 for 2 people)
*Maximum 1:2 guide/client ratio in technical alpine terrain.

Higher ratios are possible with peaks involving less technical terrain, call 403 609 0795 or email at for more information.

*Surcharges apply to larger and/or more complex alpine routes that require a longer day than normal (exceeding 10 hrs) to complete and/or have more objective hazards as well as technical difficulties (greater than rating TD- WI5 or 5.11).

Surcharges start at $200 and goes up from there depending on the route you are wanting to complete. All surcharges are disclosed prior to booking and we are happy to discuss the rationale for the surcharges as they relate directly to risk exposure.*


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