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Climbing Courses


This outdoor rock climbing course is designed to teach the fundamentals of rock climbing to beginner climbers. Those who participate in this course will learn how to put on a harness, the purpose of the climbing rope, how to tie in, how to belay your partner, and more. The course will take place outdoors on natural rock and will require hands-on participation.

Learn to lead sport climb

Climbing Courses

Learn to Lead Sport Climb

This outdoor rock climbing course is designed to provide beginner to intermediate climbers with the skills required to lead bolted sport climbs. The course will take place at a sport climbing venue in Banff National Park or in the Kananaskis District.

Introduction to rock climbing

Climbing Courses

Learn Trad Rock 101

This program is designed for advanced climbers who want to learn how to lead traditional single pitch rock climbing routes. Participants need to be able to climb 5.7 sport routes and have an established understanding of anchor systems and fundamental climbing techniques. This outdoor rock climbing course typically begins at the start of a weekend and takes two days to complete. The course will be instructed by an ACMG Mountain Guide, with a 4:1 ratio of participants to guide. Some objectives of this program include learning to place running belay anchor points using traditional removable protection, learning full factor mechanics, and constructing anchors using removable and fixed-point protection.

Climbing Courses

Rock Rescue Skills

The rope rescue skills program is designed to teach intermediate and advanced level climbers about mitigating the risk that is inherent to outdoor rock climbing. It is a two-day course and is taught using standard ACMG improvised rope rescue techniques. Weather permitting, the course will take place at Banff National Park and will be taught in groups of four participants to one guide.

Unreal experience with CanRock Mountain Guides!

I contacted Paddy at CanRock Mountain Guides for a two day Trad Rock 101 course. I received quality instruction along with a safe and super fun climbing experience.

spwdamb | 5 stars |

We hired Paddy for his avalanche and orientation knowledge. Paddy is safety focused and easy to spend time with.

We really appreciate the great job he does planning our trip logistics. We will continue to purchase his services for upcoming adventures!

Greg D | 5 stars |

You will not find a better student to guide ratio as good as CanRock Mountain Guides provides!

Paddy is an amazing climbing instructor. He is incredibly knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable learning how to trad climb in just two days.

Jill W | 5 stars |

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