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Rock Rescue Skills

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Rock climbing has inherent hazards such as falling, rockfall and errors in route-finding. Mishaps do happen when venturing out onto the big rock routes.

CanRock Mountain Guides Rope Rescue course involves techniques and skills used commonly by ACMG/IFMGA Climbing Guides and we have extensive background in how to teach these techniques.


This program is for intermediate to advanced level climbers.


This course will take place at a venue in beautiful Banff National Park or surrounding areas around the equally stunning scenery of Canmore, Alberta.


This is a 2 day course that takes place typically on a weekend with a 4:1 ratio with an ACMG Mountain Guide with over 18 years of guiding and instructional experience.

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*Please add 5% sales tax to the above amounts. *Additional expenses such as food, gear rental, park fees, transportation or accommodation not included. 4:1 Student to ACMG Instructor Ratio

rock rescue course

Course Dates

June 14-15, 2019

Course Information

Rope Rescue Skills is an advanced level course for climbers.


  • Learn how to tie off the belay and get hands free to make a call for help if necessary.
  • Learn how to transfer the load off of yourself onto an anchor point.
  • Lowering techniques using one rope or tying 2 ropes together to facilitate a longer lower in an emergency.
  • Raising a partner up to your anchor or to provide you with the tools to climb up to them.
  • Descending techniques using rescue or tandem rappels.
  • Learn how to construct a block and tackle which facilitates a changeover from raise to lower or vice versa.

By the end of this course you will gain confidence knowing that will be able to deal with a variety of scenarios that can happen when you are high up and committed on a multi-pitch rock or alpine route.

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